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January - New Year, New Products

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” - Alan Wilson Watts

There's an age-old saying we all know - "When it's not broken, don't fix it". Most businesses (and people in general) tend to live by that motto especially when it comes to products and the companies that create them. We've always done our very best to provide well-crafted merchandise at the lowest possible price, being a local business with strong ties to the dance communities we serve. With that said, no one wants to ride the rails of tried-and-true and nothing else. Originality and trends are just as prevalent in our theatrical world as they are in the wide one and, where that is concerned, we are always aiming to research new or promising ventures that might provide our customer base with items to either be a daily staple or enhance a performance/experience.

We've had our eye on a few this past year and are considering what you (our consumer) would find the most benefit from. Let's be honest, the cost of products are forever on the rise. That is something we understand from both a business and personal aspect. Aside from the companies we are already working closely with (you'd recognize Capezio and Bodywrappers' name), the majority of the brands floating around in the ether do run at a bit higher of a selling point. This is not to say that the quality does not justify the price by and means, but that continuing uprising on dollar amount is something we at Bailey Slipper are always trying to be cognizant of and want to make transparent.

With that in mind, we are more than willing to look into popular or innovative products/companies when you are our biggest priority! This article will give some insight on the top three we have been contemplating, as well as a few spotlights on others we have heard suggestions of through your visits to us. Have a look through, talk to your family members who dance and let us know what you would be interested in seeing on our shelves!


"At Bullet Pointe, we make high quality, contemporary dancewear to make you look, feel, and perform your best. Our products are made in the USA, and our fabrics and materials are ethically and globally sourced."

Although we already recently introduced a few of this company's products at our Main Street location, this was a highly requested brand in the past year. Their line is not as deeply extensive as some powerhouse brands, though what products they do carry seem to all be crafted very well. Their ballet skirt, "Willow", comes in a wide variety of colors and is quite durable and weighty. Their shorts line is also one style in a multitude of shades and they are reversible, which makes it essentially a two-for-one at their price point. The material is similar to the garbage bag shorts material we all know and love. Where leotards are concerned, the selection is mostly their takes on basic styles (they are staples for a reason!) with a few spruced-up fashion options. (The antique rose - lower right on the above image set - is one such style)


"Wear Moi is proud to celebrate its 26th anniversary and to confirm its position as one of the leading dancewear brand in over 60 countries around the world. Passion for Excellence is what gives Wear Moi such a distinction in ballet dancewear. In creating innovative styles and unique aesthetic, Wear Moi commits to provide to its customers, the very best in dance fashion thanks to high-quality products designed in France, by dancers, for dancers."

Wear Moi is a powerhouse company that has become a staple for many studios because of their commitment to quality materials and superb design. Their product range extends from ballet slippers to dance bags. We carry certain leotards and slippers for studios near our Rochester location, where a studio uses their brand specifically as part of their requirements. While you might pay a bit more for some of their more basic style leotards, (referring to cuts like a pinch-front princess seam tank, which are considered on the more tailored end of "basic") we believe the quality speaks for itself and is worth it overall when durability and quality control are major factors for any dancer. Because of their wider range of products, there is a possibility for us to carry children and adult items by them including skirts, warm-up wear and much more!


"Apolla Performance Wear is a company dedicated to delivering high quality, high performance, and beautifully crafted products designed specifically to meet the dancer’s needs. Our innovative patent pending Apolla Shocks® incorporate the power of sports science technology with the tradition of dance. Apolla knows what your feet crave and our products are beautifully designed to redefine your experience in the studio, on stage, and everywhere in between."

While this is perhaps a more niche brand, we have heard a great many of our customers either already use these or wishing there was a local distributor! These footwear pieces look like socks but are touted to have the stability and comfort of a shoe. They come in (currently) 6 designs/styles, with a choice of color that looks to mimic skin tone or, at the least, match with a costume. They have different traction options depending on how you plan to wear them. Many people practice or perform in them, while others prefer to have the added support inside their dance shoes. Traction vs None built onto the model chosen is where that comes into play! It is mentioned on their website that you need to maintain their grip with either a rock rosin or the adhesive spray they recommend, so that is something to keep in mind. Moms & dads can even purchase a pair for themselves to put in their shoes, given that they are designed for being on your feet a lot!


We always do extensive vetting for companies before we start carrying their products in our stores. We want to be absolutely certain that they are reliable, well made & regularly stocked in order to provide our customers with the best. Where each of these are concerned, we feel that any one of them is viable in terms of satisfying the needs you have! We will always maintain a supply of companies' merchandise that are staples to both the local area & overall demand, such as Bloch. That being said, we are always on the lookout for brands that are stepping up their game, emerging and offering quality product that are either helpful, flattering and/or cost-efficient to the dance communities we serve!

What name brands have you had your eye on? Do you have a favorite that you aren't seeing currently in our stores?

Most importantly - which would you like to see us carry in the near future?

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