December 2018 - Customer Appreciation Day

Dance has always incorporated traditions by way of technique and style with the melding of new ideas & fresh takes from the minds of their choreographers. It has been the way new genres come forth, performers stand out under the stage lights and even names becoming immortal in the dance community.

Bailey Slipper Shop started a new tradition when its new owners, Brittany Morton and Beverly Fredericks, decided to host a Customer Appreciation Event in March of this year. It was a chance for studio owners, teachers and customers alike to meet them in person (to see they were holding true to the BSS name & progressing the small business forward) as well as giving away free merchandise and holding a basket raffle to win one of many dance-related goodies.While all customers who visited that day received free tickets, more were able to be purchased to hopefully secure that needed win where all proceeds would be donated to Dancers Give Back.

DGB is a local non-profit organization created by Mary Alice Dance Studio in Orchard Park and comprising over 40 WNY business and studios. 100% of money raised at their events goes to Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the Jacquie Hirsch for A.L.L. Foundation for patient support and research. ( The total raised was matched by Bailey Slipper Shop after the event.

Last month, Baileys hosted the event once again to great success. From Capezio Shopping Sprees to a Rac N Roll and Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets, the prizes were sought after and tickets sales rolled in that allowed for another year of donations to the locally-loved organization. Not only that, but a representative from Bloch was on site with samples of future fall fashion. Kurt put a smile on everyone's’ face, ready to answer questions or even step in and fit some shoes! Children were seen strolling with plates of cookies and snacks while parents searched for things to purchase during the day-only discount that was active on everything in the store.

The store looks forward to running the annual event in future years, expanding on what they are able to offer and give away, especially when it means donations going to a local near-and-dear organization. Dancers Give Back brings together area dance studios for master classes, auctions and performances every year in November. This year they hosted their master classes at UB Center of Performing Arts & have raised half a million dollars! Baileys is thankful to the dance community for supporting each other for such events and continues to strive toward helping other local businesses and organizations with their endeavors! The Customer Appreciation Day is a wonderful tradition to add to WNY's dance family!

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